Should I Plant A Palm Tree In My Yard?

The palm tree has been a staple plant in Australia for many years. Especially in the sub-tropical climate of South East Queensland. Whether you are near the coastline or deep in the hinterlands, palm trees are everywhere. Some people love them, others hate them. However, here at B & R we respect each and every tree. This is because we understand the good and bad that comes with the trees we work on. If you are currently planning to plant or remove a palm tree in your yard then you have come to the right place. By diving into the world of palm trees and their pros and cons we can help you make that final decision.

What We Do at Brisbane Tree Removal & Pruning Northside – When You Need to Call B&R Tree Services


It's heading into the heatwave season! We cater to tree removal in Brisbane north safely, quickly and efficiently. Trees are such an important asset to your property (even increasing their value). Therefore, you must take care of them properly i.e. pruning, before they overgrow, die too soon or fall and cause damage to your property. What service is right for your Brisbane yard? and how to know when you need it!

12 Surprising Facts About Trees You May Not Know!

Did you know that by strategically planting trees, you can save up to 25% on your power bills? We don’t realise how much trees affect our daily lives and household – they’re more than just part of the great Australian landscape. Below we have compiled a list of tree facts and how they impact on your life, household and the world!


Get A Tree Trimmed Not On Your Property

Is your neighbour’s tree littering your yard with leaves? Is it leaning against your fence, or branches blocking sunlight from solar panels! The list of problems can get out of control, we’ve all been there – and it is always a difficult situation to try and get neighbour’s to see your side of the fence. B&R Tree Services have created an easy-to-follow guide when you have a neighbour’s tree affecting your property.