Free Plants To Brisbane Residents – Your Free Plants Guide


The Brisbane City Council has designed a fantastic ‘Free Native Plants’ program, created to help grow our city’s urban forest and support local wildlife. If you are a residential ratepayer, school, club, body corporate or registered community group you are eligible to take part in this environmentally positive plan.

What Kind Of Plants?

There is a large variety of plant species suitable for all garden types and sizes. Below is a helpful guide to help you decide what plant species suits your environment the best, along with the helpful tips and fauna benefits.

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How To Apply For The Free Native Plants Program 

If you are a resident living within Brisbane City Council catchment:

1. Visit a Brisbane City Council regional business centre or you can visit a Brisbane City Council library. You can find your nearest regional business centre here or your nearest library here

2. Present your paid rates notice from the current financial year. If you are a resident of Housing Commission and Defence Housing you will be required to provide evidence of a recent rental payment.

3. Upon being verified as an eligible recipient you will receive an approved stamped Free Native Plants voucher.

4. To redeem your Free Native Plants voucher, you can visit a participating nursery to collect two free plants from the selection available.

If you are a school, community group, club, body corporate or official citizenship ceremony:
1. An application can be submitted online here

  •  The application criteria requires you to provide a description for the extent and purpose of your planting project.
  •  Once your application has been approved, your group will be contacted via email on how to redeem your vouchers.


Reedeming Your Vouchers

We have provided you with a list of nurseries that you can visit to redeem your vouchers:

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Targeted Suburbs

Council offers four free native plants to assist in developing your garden for brand new homes that have been built in the newly developed suburbs listed below:

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