Historical Australian Trees That Made The News


Australia is home to many historical trees, each with their own story of how they became an important part of local culture. But while many of these stories are undoubtedly newsworthy, sometimes they hit the news for other reasons. Here are four recent examples of historical trees that made headlines.

5 Times Trees Inadvertently Made the News


Unlike us humans, trees don’t go out of their way to get on the news or do anything newsworthy. But every now and then, it seems that trees just can’t help being put in the spotlight. Here are five instances when trees were part of some amazing stories:

How to Care for Your Trees During a Heatwave


With the record highs in temperature these past several weeks, we don’t need to tell you that the weather has been particularly hot in Australia. Besides, you’ve probably seen the effects on your trees and garden already. Dry leaves, crusty tree barks, browning foliage – this is the visible aftermath of this record breaking summer we’ve been having.

If you want your trees and plants to survive this scorching summer (or any other hot season, really), then you need to take extra care of them and help them to withstand the heat. Here are some of the best ways to do it:

The Best Trees to Plant in Brisbane

Brisbane is such a beautiful part of the world, rich in natural plants and full of trees, parks and stunning gardens. We reckon there’s no such thing as too many trees – but when you’re choosing to plant some trees for your home or garden, you want to make sure that you’re getting the best option for your lifestyle and home.

Obviously, you’re going to want a tree with plenty of shade and aesthetic appeal, but you also need to consider things like the root structure and whether the tree is deciduous (loses its leaves annually), semi-deciduous or coniferous (or ‘evergreen’). This is important as it will determine where you plant your trees in relation to your pool or gutters and will also play a role in how often you’re out there scooping the pool or cleaning out your gutters!